A Wise Man Once Said:

There are no dumb questions, just dumb answers.

We believe in that same philosophy.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions,

E-mail us yours.

Q. Can I Pay by Money Order?

A. Yes, If you are sending a Money Order, it can be any U.S. Money Order in US Funds. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS. Please make all Money Orders Payable to: SIGNDIGO (See Full Address in Contacts)


Q. These are Decals? Whats the difference between a decal and a sticker?

A. Three very important differences. The most important being, Stickers are made out of paper, whereas decals are out of Vinyl(polyvinyl chloride). Vinyl, unlike paper, is waterproof and durable. Which is why Decals are used outdoors from Concession Stands to Police Cars. Secondly is Ink. Decals use UV Stable ink which extends the life of the decal from the Sun's rays fading them. And lastly, Decals use a more agressive glue, which will withstand the elements. Using a hair dryer to soften the glue on a decal, is how you remove them.


Q. Do these decals apply to the inside or outside of a window?

A. All our decals have adhesion on the back of the decal. This would apply to a window, wall or truck with the back of the decal facing the surface. On glass windows you would apply on the outside of the glass. These decals are designed to sustain even the harshest of elements.


Q. Are the Prices in US Funds?

A. All Prices are in US Currency. We do not accept other currencies.


Q. Do you combine shipping and how much is shipping anyway?

A. Shipping costs are not listed because they are based on an order. Calculating these costs is very simple. Any total order under $10.00 is $3.00 total shipping. Any order $10.00 or more is $7.00 total shipping. So you can order as many decals as you wish in the same checkout and it will never be more than $7.00


Q. Are these decals waterproof?

A. Yes, Infact we have a line of boat decals that we also sell which become submerged on the rear of the boat at all times. As long as you apply the decals when the surface is dry and give them 48hrs of setup time before washing, heavy rains or underwater, they will stay on as you put them.


Q. Will the decals scratch or damage easy?

A. Not easy, but as with any surface decal they can scratch if enough force is applied. To further protect the decals to the Maximum, we recommend after they are applied, to clear coat them with any Automotive Clearcoat, commonly found in a hand held spray can for under $10.00 at any autobody supply store. We have even heard of Wal-Mart carrying these.


Q. Will these decals fade?

A. Our decals use UV inhabited inks which provide the Maximum Protection against sun fade. Decals which are positioned in direct high sun all day long will fade over time quicker than partial sun.


Q. I have a Website for My Concession Business. Will you display my site in your links section.

A. We Sure will! There is no cost to do this. Our only request is to offer our link graphic on your site to reciprocate the gesture.


Q. I would like to see if you would do one of my products which you don't currently offer?

A. If you have or can borrow a 3.2 Mega Pixel or better Digital Camera. Take a clear picture of your item. It must be the full item and no hands, flowers, etc... If the picture meets our approval, we will send you 2 free regular size decals of choice for each approved picture you submit.



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