Please Click this Link and explore all that Concession Decals has to offer. is your one stop - supply shop for Concession and Ice Cream related decals for your Concession Stand or Ice Cream Parlour. All our decals are a simple peel and stick, then simply apply to your street vending food cart or chip truck. From full color ice cream cones to Burgers and milkshakes, we have the decals for your Concession Trailers and Ice Cream Truck. Street Vending Food Carts and Mobile Catering Trucks all over the world are using our food stickers to sell there Concession Products. In the Amusement Industry, from food carts to concession stands we offer a food sticker product that will outlast all others. Our Vinal Decals are all UV Stabalized inks to promote a long outdoor life. The Vinyl decals stick on your Hot dog cart or Ice cream truck, with a simple easy to apply full color instruction sheet with every order. Once you apply our decals, your Concession trailer will stand out above all the others. Selling your used concession stand or used concession trailer? First apply our decals to give it that just like new look and get a maximum dollar for it. Our Vinyl Decals will improve your ice cream parlor indoors as well. Put our decals on your walls or ice cream machines to give them a finishing touch. A Mobile Catering truck or a Street Vending Food Cart can dramatically increase sales, as a picture is worth a 1000 Words! Let our Food Stickers Increase your chip truck sales. Whether you need Vinyl Letters or fast food graphics, we have everything on one easy to use site.

Add our Monster Sized Hot Dog to the side of your hot dog cart and a picture is worth a 1000 words. We are dedicated to provide you with the highest quality decals for your Concession Trailer, hot dog cart or Ice Cream Parlor.

Make your Concession Trailers stand out from the rest with the Rich Full Color Decal images we offer. These Decals just peel and stick to you Concession Trailers. They are UV treated for Sun Fade and are designed for full outdoor climate use. From the baking sun of Arizona to the Freezing cold of Canada, our decals will look great for years to come.

This Site and all it's contents are Copyright ©2009 of Use of any images, graphics or text, in whole or in part is a violation of copyright. We authorize the use of all our decals for use on Concession Trailers or in any other means to advertise your products. Make Your Concession Trailers a Success with our decals. Remember 'A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words'

From mouth watering Ice Cream Cones to Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, Our Decals will be a sure success in making your Concession Trailers or Ice Cream Parlour come alive. Our Products are ever expanding and we always welcome new suggestions to our product line.

What are Decals?

Decals are sometimes referred to as stickers. Except the two are nothing alike.

Decals are UV Stable Inks(protects from sunfading) that are heat printed onto PVC(Vinyl) film. Stickers are standand inks(not UV stable and not Waterpoof) that are printed or silk screened on paper.

Because Decals are vinyl, they are waterproof. Thats why boats use decals on the side, not stickers.

Almost all of our decals are contour cut, the decal is just the image. Say your decal is an Ice Cream Cone or a Hot Dog, that is what you will see on the side of your Concession Trailer or Ice Cream Truck. There will be no white square around your decal. Just the food decal. If your Hot Dog Cart or Concession Stand is Black or some dark color, imagine how aweful it would look with a white square and image. That's why our decals are contour cut.



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